Advanced Sexual Positions Review | 2GTS DVD 3

In this part 3 of our 2 girls teach sex review, were going over the advanced sexual positions dvd.

Get Outta Here Bobby... I wanna See The Girls!

The first part of this dvd is the demo where the hot Brynn Tyler and Krissy Lynn get it on and actually demonstrate (on each other) the different positions that they personally enjoy most.

They show some great variations for the positions that will completely change the stimulation that your girl feels. And they also show off some killer tricks to amplify and make the positions even more stimulating for your woman.

This is a great video if you’ve ever felt like there wasn’t enough variety in your sex life.

Any woman will tell you that variety is key to great sex and essential to make sure that neither of you ever get bored with each other in the bedroom.

Also, if you’ve ever experienced any problems with premature ejaculation, this will help you last much longer since you’re taking a small break from the stimulation and altering it a little.

TIP: While switching it up is important, once you’ve found a particular position or variation of one that really makes your girl go wild, make sure you stick with it a bit longer and give her an orgasm before you move onto the next one.

It’s also important to use many different positions in your sex life because you will find new ways to stimulate your girl (many of which she never knew before) and she’ll begin to see you as a “sexual master” because of the constant pleasure you give to her and help her discover.

Brynn says that it really doesn’t matter how many positions your using in one session. The key is not to use the same old 2 or 3 every single time you’re having sex.

She also refers to switching positions as a tease for women.

But keep in mind the tip above, if you want to make her come you’ve got to focus on one position for a little longer.

Brynn Makes Krissy Moan!

On To The Action!

Now’s the time where these 2 hotties get it on for us.

The whole scene is only about 20 minutes long but shows a truck load of different positions and several different things you can do in each to make them even more pleasurable, stimulating and exciting for you and your girl.

The whole thing is shot in high-def as usual with the 2gts dvds and let me just say that these girls get loud in this one. So you might want to turn your speakers down a little if you’ve got someone in the next room : )

The Tips, Techniques and Tactics for Becoming A Sex God

The instructional section of the dvd is where we learn the exact techniques that made Krissy go so crazy in the demo.

It’s basically the demo all over again but with the sounds of the 2 girls muted out and Bobby explaining exactly what Brynn is doing and he also throws in a few “golden nuggets” that we can use to take everything to the next level.

Foreplay Tip

One of the biggest things I learned from watching the 2 girls teach sex dvd’s is to…

Think of Foreplay as Sex.

Foreplay Is Sex

To a woman, foreplay is sex and it should be in your mind as well.

If you really want to make your girl want you more than ever, if you want to have a hour or more of sex and if you want to give her guaranteed multiple orgasms then you’ve got to do this.

When you begin to realize that foreplay is sex, then you’re not so impatient to get inside of her and this will turn her on much more.

We all know that proper foreplay is key to your girl having an amazing sexual experience.

I always used to struggle with foreplay. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and I just rushed my way through it.

Since I’ve adopted this new way of thinking about it, I could go on for an hour (and I have) and she’s the one who’s always begging for me to go inside her.

Finally, when you want to give her foreplay and do so like they teach in 2gts, your girl will have orgasms before the penetration stars and this will get her ready for much more when you finally do get inside her.

On With The Positions!

The first thing Bobby teaches is how to know when you should “sweet talk” your girl and tell her you love her, and when you should be more dominating and use some dirty talk.

If you don’t know this and mix them up, you’re basically confusing the sex and the emotions that your woman feels. Not good for her arousal or orgasms!

Next Bobby explains how to get much deeper into your girl and allow for deep spot orgasms. It gives your girl a whole new feeling and allows for even more variety.

Also if you’re a bit on the smaller side, this is a great way to make her feel like you’re much bigger inside her than you actually are.

You’ll also learn how to amplify the emotions she feels to even higher levels and also how to control what emotions she’s feeling. Powerful stuff that really takes sex with you to the “Amazing” level.

I personally love oral sex. Both giving and receiving.

By the way, if you want your girl to give you amazing oral, you’ve got to the same for her.

In this dvd we learn some oral sex tips that will make her beg for you to get inside her.

You’ll discover the most intimate position for oral.

And finally a sure fire way to make her orgasm through oral sex.

Simple Trick To Make Her Orgasm Through Oral

Advanced Sexual Positions Review Conclusion

In this dvd you’ll learn:

  • Her favourite positions (as chosen by Brynn and Krissy).
  • Several ways to take these positions to even further levels that will increase her pleasure, excitement and the power of her orgasms.
  • How to control the flow of her emotions to make sure she’s really into you, the moment and easily aroused so she can have multiple orgasms.
  • How to make yourself feel much bigger inside of her.
  • When is the right time for dirty talk vs sweet talk.
  • How to figure out if she wants it rough, or slow and how to easily switch from one to the other.
  • How to give her never ending sexual variety.
  • More tricks that will increase her arousal while making you last longer.
  • The best “finishing position”
  • An oral technique that will bring her to orgasm before penetration.
  • The easiest position for guys that she’ll think you’re working really hard at!

Once you learn everything in this dvd, I’m sure you’ll agree that just this dvd alone is well worth the price of the entire 2 Girls Teach Sex dvd course.

I highly recommend it to any guy who’s serious about becoming a master in the bedroom and becoming the best your girl has ever had.

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